Win Win Kerala Lottery Result: 12-02-2024 Win Win W-756 Today

The Win Win Kerala Lottery Result for today, 12th February 2024, has been officially announced, marking the 756th draw of the series, identified as Win Win W-756. Lottery enthusiasts across Kerala eagerly awaited the results, hoping for a chance to win the substantial prizes offered. This popular lottery draw, held every Monday, continues to attract a wide audience with its affordable ticket price and the opportunity to win significant amounts, including the coveted first prize.

The announcement of the Win Win W-756 results brings anticipation and excitement to those holding tickets, as they check to see if their numbers have secured them one of the many prizes available in this weekly lottery event.

Kerala State Lotteries Results Official

Today Win Win Kerala Lottery Result 12-02-2024

Win-Win Lottery Result 2024: Prize Details

The Win-Win lottery, one of the seven weekly lotteries offered, conducts its draw every Monday at 3 pm. Each lottery within this scheme is identified by a unique alphabetical code, with “W” being the designation for the Win-Win lottery. This code is followed by the draw number for easy identification. Priced at only Rs.40 (which includes a face value of Rs.31.25 plus GST), the Win-Win lottery is both accessible and affordable.

The Kerala State Lotteries Department issues these lottery tickets in 12 different series, which may vary. Each week, a total of 108 lakh tickets are made available for purchase. The top prize for the lucky winner of the Win-Win lottery stands at a substantial 75 lakh rupees.

Today LIVE Kerala Lottery Result

ഇന്നത്തെ കേരളാ ലോട്ടറി തത്സമയ നറുക്കെടുപ്പ് റിസൾട്ട് 

വിൻ വിൻ. ഡബ്ല്യൂ 756
Kerala Lottery Result Live @ 03:00pm
Kerala Lottery Date of Draw: 12/02/2024 Win Win W 756 Winners Numbers

1) WA 765620 (VADAKARA)

2) WB 560979 (KOTTAYAM)

3) WC 962797 (ATTINGAL)

4) WD 365680 (ERNAKULAM)

5) WE 214036 (KOTTAYAM)


7) WG 539539 (MALAPPURAM)

8) WH 959470 (KOZHIKKODE)

9) WJ 579106 (ERNAKULAM)

10) WK 836160 (PALAKKAD)

11) WL 595453 (KOTTAYAM)


WA 272099

WB 272099

WC 272099

WD 272099

WE 272099

WF 272099

WH 272099

WJ 272099

WK 272099

WL 272099

WM 272099

Kerala State Lotteries Results

The Kerala Lotteries offers a variety of prizes through the Win-Win lottery ticket, which includes a total of 9 prizes along with a consolation prize. The grand first prize is a hefty sum of 75 lakh rupees, while the second and third prizes offer 5 lakh rupees and 1 lakh rupees, respectively, with one prize available in each series. In total, there are 257,065 prizes awarded to the lucky winners.

From the first to the third prizes, a deduction of 10% is applied, which is then awarded to the agents responsible for selling the winning tickets, as a form of commission. This policy is implemented by the lottery agency to incentivize the distribution network. For the fourth to the eighth prizes, as well as for the consolation prizes, the agents’ commission of 10% of the prize amount is covered by a specific fund set aside by the government for this purpose. This ensures that agents are fairly compensated for their role in the lottery process, encouraging the sales and distribution of lottery tickets across the state.

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