Shillong Teer Formula Book PDF 2024

It is very inconvenient that your teer formula does not produce consistent results. There is no proper online guidance for Teer formula calculation. Almost everywhere you look, you will find the same formula, which is completely useless to you. To address this issue, I have compiled all of the major Shillong teer formulas into a single teer formula book pdf 2024 so that you can use these mathematical methods to obtain the target number.

This Teer formula book contains all types of formulas, including, Shillong teer single guti formula, direct FC, full guti, house, and ending. To get the book click the book’s cover and wait for a few seconds to start downloading.

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teer formula book pdf

Shillong Teer Formula

The mathematical approach was developed by a team aimed at improving the chances of winning in the Shillong Teer game, a popular betting game based on archery in Meghalaya, India. The team is committed to refining their methods to derive a formula for predicting the outcomes of the Shillong Teer game, potentially as soon as today.

For those curious about the method to calculate the Shillong teer FC (First and Second Round) formula, this information could be highly valuable and insightful.

Shillong Teer Formula Calculation

The calculation of a formula for Shillong Teer, a form of betting or lottery game popular in the Meghalaya region of India. The game is based on archery, and people bet on the final outcomes of archery matches. The “Teer Formula” refers to methods or calculations used to predict these outcomes.

From the text, it’s clear that this formula involves using analytical skills and possibly statistical analysis of past results (referred to as “Shillong Teer Previous Result“). It suggests that the ability to think critically and analyze past patterns is key to finding the “daily Shillong Teer formula.”

Also the creation of educational content like videos on Facebook and YouTube to explain the Shillong Khanapara Juwai Teer formula calculation. This implies that the formula may involve some complexity, requiring visual and detailed explanations.

Finally, it mentions the need to understand basic calculations taught in early school days, suggesting that the formula might involve fundamental arithmetic or statistical concepts.


People are charging thousands of rupees to provide you single guti. They claim to provide you 100% hit number but Teer of Shillong is a game of luck and guessing. You cannot fix the results. However, with the help of formulas, you can increase your chances of winning. This book is free of cost and you can easily grab the methods mentioned. With multiple attempts of practice, everything will be at your fingertips. Test the formula on Shillong Teer results first to see the probability of your success.

Apart from this mother, you can also relate your target number with your last night’s dream’s interpretation. You can get a dream number list from our website.

What’s In PDF Book?

This PDF book contains ten pro formulas from highly experienced teer players. All formulas are true and tested, and they are in the most basic form that any beginner can easily follow. Our advice is to test the formulas on your own with small stakes and avoid playing big until you have complete confidence.

How Did I Test Formulas?

Almost all formulas mentioned in the pdf book are based on the previous night’s result list. The calculation is extremely simple and explained in easy-to-understand language with necessary explanations and tables. In the book, I picked the formula and tested it using the previous morning’s teer results. Every time, I applied the formula the success was 60% to 80%. In my calculation, I explain how I got guti, house, and end with proper examples. You need to follow a step-by-step process to find the making number.


We do not take responsibility for the 100% success of the formulas mentioned in the pdf book. There is no total success formula anywhere for Shillong Teer. However, by applying them your chances of success increase exponentially. So play with a minimal amount at first and test it yourself.

Wrap Up

This teer formula book pdf is made with hard effort just to facilitate you and make you win Shillong of Teer. All these formulas are gathered from my vast experience in this field and with the help of my pro-teer fellows. I tested them and got up to the mark results. 10 methods are easy to understand and any newbie can easily apply them. So try it and provide your feedback in the comment below. If you have your formula mention it too.


How to do online teer calculation?

There are no online Shillong Teer Calculators available to calculate the guti directly online. You have to do it yourself manually. However, you can get these Sheer teer formulas from our website and use them in your calculation.

What is the mathematical formula to find Shillong Teer numbers?

There are heaps of mathematical formulas available. You can download the teer formula book pdf from our website. In the book, the whole series of formulas are based on mathematical calculation.

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